Segway Navimow H1500E

Segway Navimow, the truly automated robotic mower, uses a virtual boundary, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wiring. Easy to operate and manage, Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love and an effortlessly impeccable lawn with every use.
Recommended Mowing Area:1500 m²
Cutting Height:30 – 60 mm
Max. Slope:45%
Battery:7.8 Ah
IoT Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G




    • Cutting Height Adjustment
    • Cutting Width
      21 cm
    • Running/Mowing Time per Charge
      240 min
    • Charging Time
      240 min
    • Noise
      54 dB (A)
    • Protection Level
    • Dimensions
      603 × 468 × 264 mm
    • Net Weight
      16.6 kg
    • Localization System
    • Obstacle Avoidance
      Bumper BladeHalt
    • Virtual Boundary
    • Systematic Mowing Pattern
    • Automatic Charging
    • Assist Mapping
    • App Control
    • Weather Adaptive
      Rain Sensor
    • OTA Updates
    • Multi-zone Management
    • In-app Live Chat Support

Use the app to connect Navimow with your smart phone, and then just follow the instructions in the app. Setup is a breeze.

  • Mapping for Multiple Zones
  • Map Editing
  • Off-limit Island
  • VisionFence-off Zone

Navimow’s smart navigation algorithm can plan the most efficient cutting route, eliminating repetitive movements and delivering impressive results. Well-planned mowing patterns ensure an evenly-cut lawn and prevent missed cuts. Each time a mowing task is done, the mowing direction automatically changes so your lawn can stay healthy and always look fresh.

2,099.00 inc.VAT

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