John Deere X949 Diesel Mower

The John Deere X949 is a 4 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Steer Diesel Ride-on Mower.

The bar can be folded down temporarily when working under trees or overgrowth.


You don’t need tools or muscles to connect or disconnect these mower decks. Just reverse over them slowly until you hear the click.

The Optional Mulch Control Kit allows the deck to be converted to Mulching in seconds, with just a the turn of a lever.


  • Twin Touch Foot Pedals
  • Cruise Control
  • 3 Cylinder Yanmar Diesel Engine.
  • Deck Lift System: Hydraulic
  • Deck Engagement: Electric
  • Power Steering Type: 4 Front Wheel Steer
  • Drive system: 4-Wheel Drive
Engine Power 18 kW
24.5 hp
Transmission 4-Wheel Drive
Steering Hydraulic, 4 front wheel power steer
Forward Speed 13.7 km/h

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